Permitting Services

Protect Your Parking

Establishing a parking permit program can be invaluable for neighborhoods and commercial properties looking to enhance the compliance, safety, and appearance of designated parking areas.

However, the process of designing, implementing, and managing a permitting program can be onerous without dedicated resources — particularly for municipalities already operating at critical mass.

Permitting That Checks Every Box

EDGE Enforcement delivers full-scale print, digital, and decal permitting solutions for high-density residential and commercial zones across North America.

Depending on our clients’ site-specific expectations and goals, EDGE’s permitting services can help:


Encourage green transportation choices

Create a reliable revenue stream


Improve tenant/constituent satisfaction

Access a Full Suite of Services

Studies and surveys

We conduct extensive preliminary studies to ensure permitting is the right solution for your enforcement zone.


We design and install eye-catching signage that succinctly communicates permit program compliance to the public.


We supply the personnel, vehicles, LPR technology, and data you need for your permitting program to achieve sustainable success.

Database management

We meticulously maintain lists of authorized and unauthorized vehicles for accurate and effective enforcement.


We provide the administrative support your program needs to prosper, such as payment processing, website creation, and a 24/7 customer helpline.

Consultation Services

We can identify and remedy gaps in your permitting program’s design, operation, and customer experience at any stage of its lifecycle.

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enforcement program.

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