Parking Enforcement &
Immobilization Services

EDGE Enforcement is the leading provider of municipal parking management solutions in the United States. Each year, we issue over 2,000,000 citations on behalf of our clients and collect over $100,000,000 of past-due revenue.

Customer Experience

Maximize customer convenience with ample payment and resolution options, an online portal, and a 24/7 toll-free helpline.

Enforcement Analytics

Track scofflaw trends, perfect enforcement routes, monitor performance, and improve results with geolocation-based forecasting.

Quick-Solve Booting

Empower drivers to get back on the road in minutes with self-releasing boots — no physical on-site assistance required.

Enforcement Personnel

Put consumers first with an enforcement team trained to Ritz-Carlton and Disney Institute–inspired service standards.

Enforcement Vehicles

Choose from lightweight bicycles to sleek, modern vans based on your enforcement area’s sustainability goals and road infrastructure.

Permitting Services

Receive full-scale print, digital, or decal permitting solutions for high-density residential and commercial zones.

LPR Technology

Elevate enforcement accuracy with cameras that capture time-stamped, GPS-enabled plate reads.

Why EDGE Enforcement?

Our extensive end-to-end parking management experience has enabled us to approach parking enforcement from a unique, “big picture” perspective.

As a result, our primary focus is to promote and foster positive consumer behaviors that inherently improve compliance and reduce the risk of re-offense. This includes:

  • Making both compliance and boot resolution as simple and expedient as possible
  • Maintaining a highly visible enforcement presence
  • Acting with integrity, transparency, and empathy

Our Story

When EDGE Enforcement was founded over 50 years ago, its humble staff of one achieved first-year revenues of $50,000. Today, EDGE Enforcement is best known as the leading provider of municipal parking solutions in the United States. We proudly provide jobs to over 2,800 professionals in 100+ U.S. cities and generate annual revenue in excess of $480 million.

We unequivocally credit this success to serving clients honestly, eagerly, and professionally.


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Client Testimonials

  • I have been particularly impressed with the way EDGE is always willing to go the extra mile when asked. I have yet to hear, ‘that’s not in our contract,’ and I know I have asked them to do things that were not addressed in the RFP or in their current contact with us.

    Municipal Client, KY
    1827% increase in citation revenue
  • EDGE Enforcement is a great partner. They are always improving, always interested in discussing what is next and what can be better, and always willing to collaborate and remain open to new ideas. EDGE Enforcement has, and continues to be, a key ingredient in the revitalization of our downtown.

    Municipal Client, IO
    1005% increase in annual gross revenue
  • We chose EDGE Enforcement because of their customer service and willingness to adapt to our needs. If we have an issue that arises, they are quick to help us resolve it. We wanted our system to be easily accessible and customer friendly and we feel like we have accomplished that with EDGE.

    Municipal Client, TN
  • We are very satisfied with the technologies and customer service that EDGE Enforcement has provided for our operation. They bring the parking expertise to the table to help the City of Stamford reach our parking and transportation goals.

    Municipal Client, CT
  • EDGE Enforcement provided us with a two mobile License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems perfectly suited for our city’s needs. Customers pay for parking with their license plate number allowing us to enforce efficiently with our LPR systems. EDGE Enforcement has installed, implemented & supported this system hassle free making a high-tech technology very fun and easy to use by our team.

    Municipal Client, VA
  • We are so happy with our decision to use EDGE Enforcement for our violations, and parking enforcement needs. The transition was seamless, and the support team has been there every step of the way.

    Municipal Client CT

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